“The one constant in everything we do is people.” That means we take care of our people by giving them opportunities to excel and promoting from within. It means we reach out to people who need it—especially our military families.

J&R Restaurant Group is founded on five principles and beliefs. These influence everything about our company and how we interact with our clients


Our culture is inclusive. It is proud and hardworking. J&R Restaurant Group is about people. It’s about restaurants. It’s about military and community support, charity, and disaster recovery.

J&R is also about entertainment. SEC Football. Concerts. Catering. School support and Boy Scouts. Wildlife, fisheries and parks. It’s about veterans. And it’s about you.


We serve our community in the literal sense each day in our restaurants and catering events. But we also want to serve our community each day by being a place for its members to come together, get to know and help one another, form bonds, and improve the state and region in which they live.


We are committed to being professional and timely. We want you to walk away from any experience with the J&R Restaurant Group feeling like you got exactly what you wanted, when you wanted it, with no stress. We are committed to doing the right thing, without hesitation.


We believe communication should be open at all times. We want to talk to you directly, to provide answers quickly, and to be a comfort whether you just need dinner one evening or you need a long-term hand.


Our sense of courage comes firstly from the inspiration that the United States armed forces provides every day, in its members’ courage at home and abroad. But to us, courage is also about the everyday people who band together to provide support and help to those who put their lives on the line.

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